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SPECIAL EPISODE: Spanish-Style Filipino Cocido and the Comfort of Home Cooking

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Food lovers, Kim Baker and Leigh Olson, invite you on a storytelling journey exploring food memories, family recipes, food traditions, cuisines, cookery, and food history to discover how food connects, defines, and inspires us.
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Listen as Betty Ann shares her memories of a special childhood Sunday meal, how it become a touchstone for her family in America, and some surprising advice on how to make Spanish-style Filipino Cocido today.

Spanish-Style Filipino Cocido courtesy Betty Ann Quirino Asian in America Mag

A Special Episode

Today we have a special episode for you. This episode is from The Heritage Cookbook Project, an audio project that Leigh created to document heritage and family recipes from cooks across the country.

We chose this episode because Betty Ann sums up the most important ingredient that any of us can add to our recipes as well as our and interactions with the people we encounter. Maybe more now than ever. Listen to end to find out what it is.

Dog-eared Cookbooks and Backyard Farms

Armed with her mother's dog-eared cookbooks packed in her suitcase, Betty Ann Quirino and her family started a new life in a new country far from family and the familiar.

Spanish-style Filipino Cocido is a dish from Betty Ann Quirino's childhood in rural Philippines. The ingredients that were used for her traditional Sunday supper were gleaned from a fruitful backyard farm. A farm tended with love and respect by Betty Ann’s father. To Betty Ann’s delight, the ingredients for this heritage dish were easily accessible in their new country and provided comfort and familiarity to her family in a new and foreign country.

We love this story of adaption and comfort. Is there is a dish that would bring you the same type of warmth that Cocido brings to Betty Ann and her family?

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Spanish-style Filipino Cocido Transcript

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