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EP 44 Look to the Cookie! Black & White Cookies, Racial Harmony, and the Impact of Food In Media

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Food lovers, Kim Baker and Leigh Olson, invite you on a storytelling journey exploring food memories, family recipes, food traditions, cuisines, cookery, and food history to discover how food connects, defines, and inspires us.
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Long before President Obama talked about the Unity Cookie, comedian Jerry Seinfeld urged the Seinfeld audience to look to the Black & White Cookie (purported cousin to the Half Moon Cookie) as a metaphor for racial harmony. Today’s episode chases down the origins of both the Black & White and Half Moon cookies and dabbles in some hilarious stories of other foods made famous by television.

Can a Cookie Solve our Woe’s

“Look to the cookie,” Jerry Seinfeld exclaimed in 1994 and suddenly a cookie went viral.

Thanks to a suggestion from As We Eat friend Abby Lamb, we are taking a long look into the Black & White Cookie, a sweet treat made world famous as a metaphor for racial harmony by the popular Seinfeld sitcom of the early 1990s. 

In this episode, we discuss The Dinner Party episode of Seinfeld that launched the not well known black & white cookie into notoriety (without the help of social media). Leigh rounds up the history of the half chocolate / half vanilla cookie and its purported cousin, the Half Moon cookie and Kim surveys other foods that hit the mainstream with a little boost from media - brown cows, cheesecake, White Russians, and more.

Mr. Roger’s Eat a Banana Wrapped in Cheese Courtesy of Chef Brockett

If you didn’t have an opportunity to partake in Kim’s media food poll, here’s your opportunity. Are there any foods that you have been inspired to try from a TV show, movie, non-fiction or fiction novel? Please share.

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